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2015 第22届声与振动国际大会_ICSV22


ICSV22 2015第22届声与振动国际大会

第22届国际声与振动大会(International Congress onSound and Vibration简称:ICSV22)将于2015年7月12日至16日在意大利的佛罗伦萨召开。该会议由国际声学和振动学会主办,意大利声学学会和佛罗伦萨大学协办,是声学振动噪声相关的国际研讨盛会,此次会议由7个主议题和14个分会议题组成。

国际声学和振动学会(International Institute of Acousticsand Vibration,IIAV)正式成立于1995年,隶属于国际理论和应用力学协会,是致力于推动声学和振动科学研究的国际性学术组织,特别关注声学与流体及固体力学的交叉领域的研究交流,与世界各国的研究机构和众多的国际性学术组织都有密切的关系。目前在全球有37个相关的国际或国家学会组织成为其合作会员,在国际声学与振动学界有着广泛的影响。

ICSC22 会议主题


Modeling and Monitoring the Effects of Environmental Sound in Private and Public Space, Dick Botteldooren

Porous Material Characterization via Acoustical Methods, Kirill Horoshenkov

Acoustics of Italian Opera Houses: a Cultural Heritage, Roberto Pompoli

Experiencing Noise-Reducing Pavements, Wim Van Keulen

Recent Developments of BEM and FEM and Their Application to Real Life Acoustic Problems, Otto von Estorff

Room Acoustics Effects on Speech Comprehension of English-as-Second-Language Talkers and Listeners versus Native-English-Speaking Talkers and Listeners, LIly Wang

Sound Focusing and its Practical Applications, Semyung Wang


T01 ‐ Acoustical Measurement and Instrumentation (chair: Semyung Wang, Korea)

T02 ‐ Active Noise and Vibration Control (chair: Marek Pawelczyk, Poland)

T03 ‐ Aeroacoustics and Aircraft Noise and Vibration (chair: Ricardo Musafir, Brasil)

T04 ‐ Environmental Noise and Vibration (chair: Luis Bento Coelho, Portugal)

T05 ‐ European Projects and Education (chairs: Gaetano Licitra, Italy ‐ Henk Wolfert, The Netherlands)

T06 ‐ General Acoustics (chair: Hans Bodén, Sweden)

T07 ‐ Industrial and Occupational Noise and Vibration (chair: Dariusz Pleban, Poland)

T08 ‐ Machinery Noise and Vibration (chair: Zhuang Li, USA)

T09 ‐ Materials for Noise and Vibration Control (chair: Jorge P. Arenas, Chile)

T10 ‐ Psycho‐, Physio‐, Bio‐acoustics and Soundscape (chair: Jian Kang, UK)

T11 ‐ Road and Rail Noise and Vibration (chairs: Paul de Vos, The Netherlands ‐ Konstantinos Vogiatzis, Greece)

T12 ‐ Room and Building Acoustics (chaired by Antonino Di Bella, Italy)

T13 ‐ Signal Processing and Simulation (chair: Len Gelman, UK)

T14 ‐ Underwater and Maritime Noise (chair: Nicole Kessissoglou, Australia)

Papers in all fields of sound and vibration are welcome and the possibility to have peer reviewed,full papers will be assured for all interested authors。


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