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Automotive Buzz, Squeak and Rattle

Automotive Buzz, Squeak and Rattle: Mechanisms, Analysis, Evaluation and Prevention

作者:Fang Chen, Martin Trapp


automotive-buzz-squeak-rattle-mechanisms-analysis-evaluation-prevention-frank-chen-hardcover-cover-artBuzz, Squeak and Rattle (BSR) is the industry term for the audible engineering challenges faced by all vehicle and component engineers. Minimizing BSR is of paramount importance when designing vehicle components and whole vehicle assemblies.

This is the only book dedicated to the subject. It provides a self-contained reference to the background theory, testing, analysis and elimination of BSR. Written for practicing engineers and academics, the book has a focus on applications which will make it the standard handbook for those working in this area.

Chapters from leading experts from across the motor industry – including from the design and research labs of Ford, Toyota, Daimler-Chrysler and GM – review the techniques available and provide readers with the appropriate physics, structural dynamics and materials science to address their own BSR issues.


“We have long been waiting for a book like this!”–Professor Percy Wang, University of Birmingham, Alabama, USA
“There are two kinds of vehicle noise, say Trapp and Chen, both with Ford Motor Company. One is constant–engine or road boom noise or wind– and should be eliminated before they drive customers crazy, or away. It is the other kind of noise that concerns them here, the transient, come- and-go kind that should be addressed next. They write not for mechanics or do-it-yourselfers trying to stop a noise, but for automobile designers who want to avoid creating such sounds in the first place. Among the measures they describe are friction sliding and rattle impact analysis, material pair testing and instrumentation, full-vehicle testing, universal graining to prevent creating noises with plastic and elastic contact partners, preventing squeak and rattle in the design phase using a pragmatic approach, and coatings for low-noise body seals. Graphs, charts, drawings, and photographs help explain matters.”–Reference and Research Book News, October 2012



  •     出版时间: 2011-12-12
  •     页数: 296 页
  •     语种: English
  •     ISBN: 978008055911
  •     行业: Automotive
  •     关键词: Noise, Vibration and Harshness; Engine;

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